Friday, 27 July 2012

Yin Yang nails ☯

Since I saw this in a magazine about 1 week ago i've been wearing it non stop. Not only is it a fun design to wear but its also fun to create!!
So because I love all of you guys I thought I would do a post on how to create your own yin yang nails :)

To start you will need the following things:

  • A base coat (optional but prevents your nails from being stained)
  • A white and black nail polish
  • A white and black nail art pen- with a striper and pen
  • A top coat (again optional

Ok so lets begin!

If you are using a base coat then paint all of your nails with 1-2 coats of it.

After that is dry, paint your nails with 2-3 coats of a white nailpolish.

Ok so now is the part where we create the design. 
Using a black nail art striper draw a swirly/curved line in the centre of your nail (heres a picture, its hard to describe)

Then using a normal black nail polish fill in one of the sides- I normally do the left side (don't ask why haha)

Ok so once you have done this all that is left is to take your black nail art pen and dot a circle on the top corner on the white side. And use your white nail art pen to dot a white dot on the black side.

And now your done, just paint a coat of top coat to protect the design and your good to go!!
I hope you have enjoyed this post and look out for my next one:)


Ok so to some this may sound really sad. Me doing a post on a mere 10 followers, but to me its means everything. So I woke up this morning brushed my teeth, had my breakfast before grabbing my laptop to check the most important thing to me right now- my blog (this makes my life seem so interesting). I turned on my laptop and typed in my url not expecting to have gained any followers but to make another post. But when I realised I had not only 1 but 10 followers I was speech less. I didn't realise that after 4 days of doing my blog people from all around the world have seen it. The fact that I had 10 followers made me feel sooooo happy that I felt like doing another post immediately, and what could be better than to thank those who have taken the time to check out, comment and follow my blog!!

So a huge massive gigantic thank you to all of you who have helped me get my blog out there and have followed or took the time out to even read my posts!! :)

Ok so I'm going to eat my lunch haha and will be back straight after with another more interesting post :)

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

nice to meet you..

Ok so I know i've done like 4 posts already since starting my blog 2 days ago but I felt like doing a post to tell you guys a bit more about me (i forgot to do one before even though it was on my list haha).

Ok so welcome to Ispyfashion, even though i've already done a few posts that show my love for fashion and beauty products I thought I would tell you a bit about myself. So before I ramble on about my love for fashion and how it started i'll begin by introducing myself.

Wow that was a long introduction! Hi there! My names pavan and Im about to go into year 11 oh the joys!
Im 15 years old and spend ALL my money on clothes and makeup, I know its bad but hey I love it! So what else can i tell you guys about my exciting life? I'm indian although i've only been to India once in my life and I can say about 2 words in punjabi, isn't that exciting. Anywhoo lets get to the fun stuff, my love for fashion.

So if you have been reading my posts you would have realised that I am a lover of fashion from vintage to modern and everything in between. I remember the days when I used to spend my money on sweets and pencils but now find myself spending all that I have on the more expensive clothes and makeup. But don't get me wrong I still like the odd sweet ;).

  Anywhoo I think i'm finished now so stay tuned for my other posts, comment/follow if you like.
toodlessss xxxxx

Body bling jewellery

Ok so I know that I did a post about jewellery yesterday :o but o well I love accessories which i'm sure if you follow or read my blog often will soon realise. So I came across this website while reading a look magazine and as its summer and I have nothing better to do with my life than to shop online I thought I would give it a whirl! 

If you are a lover of all things sparkly and bedazzled then this is the website for you. However sparkles aren't always my thing but after browsing through I found two pieces that are both kwirky and unique. The website is reasonably priced and so I used this as an excuse to place another order! It also offers free delivery over £9.99 so I felt obliged to spend over that amount and so I bought both of the pieces.

I spent £18.99 on two amazing necklaces. The delivery was super fast and the packaging was neat and minimal (less to tidy up). The necklaces looked exactly as they did on the website, were sturdy and had a nice finish to them. 

Below are a few photos of the pieces i bought (please excuse the robot with one arm I dropped it on marble and the screw became loose so I took it off for the time being).

robot clock necklace with a vintagy style finish

I hope you enjoyed this post, comment/follow if you did and I shall reply or follow back.
byeee xxxx

perfect primark

Although Britain's beloved Primark holds its reputation as being the cheap and tacky highstreet clothes shop I can safely say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it . With cheap yet stylish clothes and jewellery you just can't go wrong and I find myself browsing amongst their pieces for hours. Yes the prices have got a little dearer than they used to be but I just compare the prices with those in different shops and I don't feel as guilty when spending till my heart is content. The jewellery is amazing, lately I have found many statement pieces such as collar necklaces with intricate designs as well as cute and kwirky earings.

 Ok so although I do love Primark it can be a little cheap and well tacky, and yes the quality is not always the best but I guess I expect that when going in there. However I do have a few pieces that have lasted me for years, and if you rummage amongst the piles of clothes you can find the odd gem.

These are some pictures of some of the things I have bought last weekend from Primark. They had a massive sale however the sizes were all too big so I only came back with the crop top which is above for £3. The camera doesn't do it justice, im planning on wearing it with high waisted jeans or shorts with stacked rings and bracelets. I cant get over how much I love those shorts, they are perfect. With a vintagey style denim and embroidery for only £10. Again the camera doesn't do them justice ;).

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byeeee xxxxx

heavenly mua palette

Shopping with my best friend became so much more exciting after laying my eyes on the heavenly heaven and earth palette from the mua professional collection. After months of hearing about this palette and all the amazing reviews I decided to try them out for myself. And after one small glance I found myself standing at the till ready to pay the reasonable price of £4. The colours are long lasting and have a great pigmentation. If you prefer the  more natural, shimmery eye shadows as opposed to something a little more matt then I think you will agree that this palette is the pinnacle of perfection. 

Sorry to put a downer on things but the only thing that I don't like about this palette is the packaging. And by that I mean it takes me about 10 minutes to open it as the clasp is quite strong so if your always in a hurry then I suggest you practice opening it. But this certainly won't stop me from using it as i love the natural look it gives you.

Do you own this palette? What do you think of it, or any of the other mua palettes?

So above a just some photos of the palette and some swatches (excuse the fact that they didnt come out as well on camera). Anywhoo im off I hope you enjoyed this post and leave a comment and/or follow if you liked it.xxxxxx

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I'm Kukee krazy!!

It's week one of the summer holidays and i've been BORED. So brutally bored that i've turned to the one and only, highly entertaining and satisfying thing there is. Online shopping. Through the marvellous world of online shopping i stumbled upon the greatest online jewellery store. KUKEE. Its every fashionista dream. with prices you could not even imagine i found my self spending all that i have for hours. After spending WAY to much money on jewellery from my beloved topshop I knew it was time to draw myself away and off i went in search for a new substitute. There is nothing I can fault with this new website, in my opinion it ticks every box. After waiting for a few days my package arrived. My body full of excitement I teared open the box to reveal the most perfect items. Once inspecting them for about half an hour I came to the conclusion that Kukee was the website for me, they provided me with excellent quality, a good range of products and most importantly the ability to indulge in all the amazing pieces without breaking the piggy bank.

These are some of the amazing pieces that i ordered. However i went slightly mad and I now have more  in the post which i may do another post on also. The necklaces were about £3-£5, the bracelet was a mere £3.50 which i could not believe! The star fish ring, which is a new favourite of mine was only £2.50, the peace charm ring was £2 and finally i recieved an above the knuckle ring for spending over £10. Thankyou for taking the time out of looking at my blog. OMG this was my first ever post im so excited to continue writing about the amazing things i come across. p.s i will be starting a youtube in the next week so look out for that.
thankyou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx if you want to buy any of these pieces or more!!!