Friday, 27 July 2012


Ok so to some this may sound really sad. Me doing a post on a mere 10 followers, but to me its means everything. So I woke up this morning brushed my teeth, had my breakfast before grabbing my laptop to check the most important thing to me right now- my blog (this makes my life seem so interesting). I turned on my laptop and typed in my url not expecting to have gained any followers but to make another post. But when I realised I had not only 1 but 10 followers I was speech less. I didn't realise that after 4 days of doing my blog people from all around the world have seen it. The fact that I had 10 followers made me feel sooooo happy that I felt like doing another post immediately, and what could be better than to thank those who have taken the time to check out, comment and follow my blog!!

So a huge massive gigantic thank you to all of you who have helped me get my blog out there and have followed or took the time out to even read my posts!! :)

Ok so I'm going to eat my lunch haha and will be back straight after with another more interesting post :)


  1. Hello!
    I follow you now ;)
    Thanks for your comment!

  2. It makes all the difference doesn't it? Great blog, keep up the good work. I am now a follower. If you like the look of mine, please follow me. x

  3. Make that 32 followers now.....found you via the BBU blog hop
    come on over and say hi xx

  4. Just discovered your blog, it's really awesome! love your style of writing!
    please check mine out!