Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I'm Kukee krazy!!

It's week one of the summer holidays and i've been BORED. So brutally bored that i've turned to the one and only, highly entertaining and satisfying thing there is. Online shopping. Through the marvellous world of online shopping i stumbled upon the greatest online jewellery store. KUKEE. Its every fashionista dream. with prices you could not even imagine i found my self spending all that i have for hours. After spending WAY to much money on jewellery from my beloved topshop I knew it was time to draw myself away and off i went in search for a new substitute. There is nothing I can fault with this new website, in my opinion it ticks every box. After waiting for a few days my package arrived. My body full of excitement I teared open the box to reveal the most perfect items. Once inspecting them for about half an hour I came to the conclusion that Kukee was the website for me, they provided me with excellent quality, a good range of products and most importantly the ability to indulge in all the amazing pieces without breaking the piggy bank.

These are some of the amazing pieces that i ordered. However i went slightly mad and I now have more  in the post which i may do another post on also. The necklaces were about £3-£5, the bracelet was a mere £3.50 which i could not believe! The star fish ring, which is a new favourite of mine was only £2.50, the peace charm ring was £2 and finally i recieved an above the knuckle ring for spending over £10. Thankyou for taking the time out of looking at my blog. OMG this was my first ever post im so excited to continue writing about the amazing things i come across. p.s i will be starting a youtube in the next week so look out for that.
thankyou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
http://www.kukee.co.uk/- if you want to buy any of these pieces or more!!!

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  1. love this post!i will be ordering from kukee soon, cant wait to see some more posts on here!;)