Wednesday, 25 July 2012

nice to meet you..

Ok so I know i've done like 4 posts already since starting my blog 2 days ago but I felt like doing a post to tell you guys a bit more about me (i forgot to do one before even though it was on my list haha).

Ok so welcome to Ispyfashion, even though i've already done a few posts that show my love for fashion and beauty products I thought I would tell you a bit about myself. So before I ramble on about my love for fashion and how it started i'll begin by introducing myself.

Wow that was a long introduction! Hi there! My names pavan and Im about to go into year 11 oh the joys!
Im 15 years old and spend ALL my money on clothes and makeup, I know its bad but hey I love it! So what else can i tell you guys about my exciting life? I'm indian although i've only been to India once in my life and I can say about 2 words in punjabi, isn't that exciting. Anywhoo lets get to the fun stuff, my love for fashion.

So if you have been reading my posts you would have realised that I am a lover of fashion from vintage to modern and everything in between. I remember the days when I used to spend my money on sweets and pencils but now find myself spending all that I have on the more expensive clothes and makeup. But don't get me wrong I still like the odd sweet ;).

  Anywhoo I think i'm finished now so stay tuned for my other posts, comment/follow if you like.
toodlessss xxxxx


  1. Welcome to the blogging community I found your blog through the TBI Blog Look. I like your background and header :)

  2. Hey, i've just stumbled across your blog! Cute layout, New follower :)
    Check out my blog if you have time too, i'm also new!