Wednesday, 25 July 2012

perfect primark

Although Britain's beloved Primark holds its reputation as being the cheap and tacky highstreet clothes shop I can safely say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it . With cheap yet stylish clothes and jewellery you just can't go wrong and I find myself browsing amongst their pieces for hours. Yes the prices have got a little dearer than they used to be but I just compare the prices with those in different shops and I don't feel as guilty when spending till my heart is content. The jewellery is amazing, lately I have found many statement pieces such as collar necklaces with intricate designs as well as cute and kwirky earings.

 Ok so although I do love Primark it can be a little cheap and well tacky, and yes the quality is not always the best but I guess I expect that when going in there. However I do have a few pieces that have lasted me for years, and if you rummage amongst the piles of clothes you can find the odd gem.

These are some pictures of some of the things I have bought last weekend from Primark. They had a massive sale however the sizes were all too big so I only came back with the crop top which is above for £3. The camera doesn't do it justice, im planning on wearing it with high waisted jeans or shorts with stacked rings and bracelets. I cant get over how much I love those shorts, they are perfect. With a vintagey style denim and embroidery for only £10. Again the camera doesn't do them justice ;).

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  1. These shorts are so lovely Pavan, seriously they are gorgeous! Can't wait to see some more of your posts, I can sense this becoming one of my daily must reads haha :)
    Beth X

  2. hi!! i actually love your blog haha thanks for following xx

  3. I love Primark with a passion. It's probably one of my favourite shops of all time. Make sure to check out their underwear/nightwear section - I've found basic tank tops and camisoles for layering in there in some gorgeous colours at fab prices! Love your blog xx